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Stephen Beckham

In 1734 Stephen Beckham Sr (this is Stephen Beckham's father) was in Orange Co, VA. On 7 Apr 1740 he purchased land on the South Side of the River Rappidane in Orange Co, VA. He is also recorded in Spotsylvania County where he witnessed a deed, along with William Hansford, between Blackly and Robert Williams.

The following record from Orange Co, VA Deed books is included:

7 Apr 1740: Alexr. Spotswood, Esq., to Stephen Beckham.(This is Stephen Beckham, Sr)
Lease of 100 acres in St Mark's Parish on the South side of the River Rappidanne, part of 40,000 acres called the Spotsylvania Tract. For lives of Stephen Beckham his son and Elsey Beckham his daughter. Yearly rent, 600 pounds of tobacco to be delivered in one hogshead at some convenient landing on Rappahannock River in Spotsylvania County, to commence 25 Dec 1740.
(Agreements as in lease to John Dozier, above)
A. Spotswood

Witness: John Lowen, James Pendleton, William Rannill.
Platt of 100 acres surveyed by George Home, assistant surveyor of Orange County... in Francis Taliaferro's line.

This deed indicates that Stephen Beckham was born before 1740 instead of 1755.

He is listed in the 1771 tax list of Bute Co, NC which later became Granville Co, NC.

WB-2, page 8

INVENTORY of Stephen Beckham's Estate 4th May 1774

6 head of Cattle (2 cows, 3 yearlings, a calf)

2 horses (a Gray & a Rhone) 1 Bed and furniture

1 Spinning Wheel 2 Pewter Dishes, 4 Pewter Plates, 1 pail

1 Iron Pot, 1 Frying Pan, 1 Table, 1 Chair, 5 Geese

4 Knives and forks, a parcel of Tobacco in 2 Barns

1 Broad Ax, 1 pick, Lids & hooks, 3 hoes.

Alexr Muirhead Admr

Bute County May Court 1774

This Inventory was returned by Alexander Muirhead the Admr on Oath and the same is ordered to be recorded.
Test Ben Mc-Cullock, C.C.

Stephen Beckham's Estate Sale  WB-2 Pg 31

Jesse Beckham - 1 horse

Alexander Murihead -1 horse, 1 pot,)
hooks & lids, 4 knives & Forks, 1 frying pan) 
Col. Philbin Hawkins - 7 head of Cattle, 1 adz, 2 hoes, 1 axe, 1 adz

Mrs Beckham - 1 Bed & Cord, a parcel of Tobacco, 5 Geese 

William Rose - 1 pot, 1 wheel, 2 dishes, 4 plates, 1 Table

Alexr Muirhead Admr

Bute County August Court 1774
This Account of the sale of the Estate of Stephen Beckham Sr Deced was returned unto Court by Alexander Muirhead the Administrator on Oath and ordered to be recorded.

Test Ben Mc-Culloch, C C 

Stephen Beckham Married Catherine Merritt on 23 May 1787 and the had the following children (as mentioned in his will:
Nancy, Elizabeth, Joshua, Mahali, Tabitha, Polly, Joseph, Thomas, Leonard, Caswell and grandson John.

Stephen Beckham served in the Revolutionary War.

The hole punched on his pay voucher indicates that he was paid.


Will of Stephen Beckham
Orange County, North Carolina

In the name of God Amen - I, Stephen Beckham, of the County of Orange and State of North Carolina being in a sound state of mind and memory do make this my last will and testament in manner and from following, that is to say I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Catherine, my property, after paying all just debts, during her life or widowhood, except two beds and furniture I give to my daughters Nancy and Elisabeth. After the death or marriage of my wife, Catherine, the property is to be sold and divided between my children as follows: Joshua, Joseph, Thomas, Leonard, Caswell, and John my grandson that now lives with me is to have half as much as one of my sons, my daughter Mahali to to have half as much as one of my sons, my daughter Tabiatha is to have as one of my sons adding the price of her bed and furniture. My youngest daughter Polley is to have twice as much as one of my sons, my daughter Elizabeth is not to have anything as she has had her share already.

Lastly, I appoint my beloved son Joshua executor of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the 20th day of September in the year of our Lord 1820.

Witnesses - Isaac Patterson
                 D. Patterson


  1. Hi! Do you have any info on Alexander Beckham? He is a son of Leonard Hardin Beckham (son of Stephen Beckham, Jr and Catherine Meritt) and Zilpha Rose. Specifically I’m looking for birth and death info. I have approx dates. Alexander married Mary Jane Davis.
    Many Thanks, Karen

    1. The last record I have for Alex is a State census record for 1876. He is living in Phelps County. There is a newspaper article: 22 Nov 18888 Rolla Herald
      Tues, 27th
      George M Beckham, guar. minor heirs of Alex Beckham deceased.

      I would look for probate records for Phelps County. Of course, there is no guarantee this is the same Alex Beckham.