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Michael Branstetter

Michael was born in upper East Tennessee and it is frequently reported that his parents are Peter Branstetter and Elizabeth Railsback.  Peter Branstetter is in Sullivan County in 1830. His name appeaars on three deeds in Carter County.   On 24 Jan 1818, he purchase 160 acres in Illinois.  Peter Branstetter died in 1839 in Washington County, Illinois.  He has a will, but he only names one son.

 Washington County, Illinois:  In the name of God Amen I Peter Branstetter infirm of body but of sound mind do make this my last will and testament I do trust in God this day dear children will continue to live in brotherly affection and make without further contest the disposition and distribution of my property that I shall here direct and that my dear wife having repeatedly expressed a wish to return to Tennessee will not exercise her right of dower to the staying or preventing of any sale I may herein direct Should my children prefer or a majority of them prefer or think it more expedient to remain on and cultivate in harmony and as a band of brothers the land upon which I now reside I do wish them so to do and do by this my last will empower them But should it be the wish of my wife and two of my older sons or three of my older sons without my wife my oldest son John who is hereafter provided for excepted to sell the same and to return to Tennessee or elsewhere I desire they will do it but it is my desire that they will not force the same at public sale but make a fair disposition thereof at private The proceeds of said sale if effected I wish equally divided among all my children my said eldest son John excepted to whom I leave fifty dollars to be paid out of the first money that can be spared from the immediate expense of the family In addition to the proportion that the law gives my dear wife in right of dower I do give and bequeath to her the negro girl called Maria now living with and belonging to me my said wife having often desired the same Having only two other negroes and having often promised them thereto I do hereby give and bequeath the same to my children by my first marriage my said son John excepted In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 28th day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and eighteen Peter Branstetter seal Signed sealed and acknowledged in the presence of DS Swearingen Abraham Thompson 

Again, it is reported, but not confirmed that Michael was "bonded out" by his stepmother, being required to serve until his twenty first birthday.  He is not listed in East Tennessee Forgotten Children: 1788- 1911.

The 1830 Census in the first record for Michael Branstetter.  It shows two adults and two chilen (one boy and one girl) under five years old.

The next record is for a land purchase in Pike County on 1 Apr 1839 for26 1/2 acres.
On 1 Oct 1845, he purchases 40 acres in Crawford County, Missouri.

The 1850 census shows the family living in Crawford County.

On 1 Sept 1857, Michael Branstetter purchased 40 acres in Phelps County.
1860 Census Dillon Post Office, Phelps County: $300 in real estate, $800 in personal property
Michael Branstetter 58
P Branstetter            52
Chas Branstetter     20
John Branstetter     19
LND Branstetter     15
CK Branstetter       13
E Branstetter          22

1870 Census St James Township, $1200 in personal property, $ 300 in real estate
Michael Bronstetter 68
Permilia Branstetter 61
Elcanah Branstetter  20

1880 Census Dawson, Phelps, Missouri
Michael Branstetter 78
Permilia Branstetter 71 parents born in North Carolina and Maryland

Permilia Branstetter died on 5 Jan 1892 and is buried in Branstetter Cemetery.
Michael Branstetter died on 13 Jan 1892 and is buried in Branstetter Cemetery.

Link to Branstetter Cemetery(Latitude: 38.08610, Longitude: -91.57610)  Here  There are photographs and additional information on the link.

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