Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Irwin and Ralph Meyer puzzle*

This photo is labeled Irwin and Ralph Meyer.  Irwin and Ralph were two of Frank Richard Meyer and Clementine Flach's children.

I found a birth certificate for Ralph (Alfred Leon) Meyer with a birth date of May 7, 1888.  The record lists parents as Frank Meyer and Clementine (first name only).  The Saint Louis death records give this information: Ralph Meyer Residence: 2929 Henrietta.  Ralph was buried in Holy Ghost Cemetery, but he was re-interred at St Marcus, a few days after Arthur Bain Meyer died. (1912)  This is confirmed by the St  Marcus Cemetery record which states that his body was removed from Holy Ghost Cemetery and re-interred at Saint Marcus a few days after Authur Bain was buried in 1912.

Irwin's death certificate lists his birth date as May 7, 1888, but I have not found a birth certificate for him.

If they were twins, you would think that both births would have been recorded. Also, if they were twins, I doubt this is Ralph in the photo.  More likely, this is Clementine (1890) or Elmer (1892).

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Jackson Glenn- Elizabeth Branstetter Anniversary 1903

Family Record

56th Anniversary of Mr and Mrs J D Glenn was Selebrated at Mounds I. T. 1903. Jacon D Glenn was married to Elizabeth A Bransteter May 11th 1848 Their offSpring is as follows
Permilla Glenn was married to J.U. Matlock Sept 12th 1866
Children born 4 boys 7 girls
Grandchildren 22
Elizabeth E Glenn was married to Wm Carter
Children born 4 boys 3 girls
Grandchildren 7
Michael Glenn was married to Emma Attaberry
children born 1 son Grand Children 2

Page 2:
Minerva Glenn was married to Napoleon Carter
Children born 9 boys 2 girls
Mary J Glenn was married to Napolion Carter Sep 24th 1897
Children 1 boy 1 girl
Ollie A Glenn was married to Green C Beckham June 12th 1884
Childron born 2 boys 4 girls
Robert J Glenn was married to Ida E Berryhill Aug 9th 1894
Children 1 boy 2 girls
Ella Glenn was married to J. E. Petty Jan 17th 1892
Children born 1 Son

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mother was Borned
makes her 73

I started to mounds on 7 february 1893
Cum back the 13
(Transcription of letter)

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