Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vaughan or Vaughn Family

 John Vaughn and Nancy Matlock are John's GGG Grandparents.
John Vaughn was born about 1805 in Washington County, Tennessee.  It has been suggested that he is the son of of Sherwood Vaughn, but no documentation to support this theory has been found.

John Vaughn married Nancy Matlock, daughter of Zachariah Matlock on 22 March 1827 in Washington County, Tennessee.  They are mentioned in her father's will.

John Vaughn and Nancy Matlock Marriage record

William Vaughn marries Edie Matlock on 25 October 1828.  Edie is Nancy's sister.

In 1840, John Vaughn is living next door to William Vaughn in Johnston, Crawford County, Missouri.

In 1850, they are living in District 24 Crawford County, Missouri with their children: 
Sherwood Vaughan, Edney E Vaughan, H C Vaughan, William Vaughan, N R Vaughan and Missouri Vaughan.  John Vaughn is a farmer and they own land valued at $250.

In 1860 Nancy Matlock is a window living with her children in Johnson Township, Maries County.  The post office is High Grove.

1860 census
According to Find a Grave, Nancy Matlock Vaughn died in 1868 and is buried in Sewell Cemetery, Maries County, Missouri.  Link


  1. I'm timothy Vaughan great,great,great grandson of john George Vaughan,Nancy Matlock and great,great,great,great grandson of Sherwood Vaughan his second wife's name was Elizabeth hale he was born 1770 Tenn. Would like more information on my family history.

    1. You can write to me at I did a First Families of Tennessee application for Zachariah Matlock.

  2. I just found out that Sherwood Vaughan's dad might have been Dr. Claiborne Vaughan not for sure though

  3. I just found out that Sherwood Vaughan's dad might have been Dr. Claiborne Vaughan not for sure though

  4. Do you have ANY information about why William Vaughan and Edy Matlock left their children (James William, Seth, and John) to be raised by his brother John and her sister Nancy? There are conflicting reports; some saying he died in 1871 and is buried beside his brother; another that he died in 1846 and that his estate was left to the children, but it is not online. James William was my great grandfather. Thank you!

  5. Don't have much i wish i could send you pictures of my family history book it tells a little about them

  6. Thanks so much for your quick response. Please let me know if I might have any research that might help you! On another note, I do websites for several local volunteer groups, and I use JING to copy snippets of information. It is free to download and will copy anything into a png file.
    i dont know why this little detail bothers me ..... I guess I just want them to have been one happy family!!!!

  7. Hi Linda, I also do websites nonprofits. I hope that the three of us can work together to find the best documentation to solve this puzzle. Linda, you can contact me at and Tim, I hope you will contribute what you know as well.