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The Flach Family during and after the Civil War*

St Louis 1872 Photo credit: See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Link

In 1860, Catherine (age 41)was living in Ward 1 of St Louis with her children: Wilhelm (William), Adelheid (Adeline), Fred, Ida, Mathilda, Clemete (Clementine), Georg (George), Laura and Lenora. She is living next door to Adam Halter who is 34.

Laura Flach (Lenora Flach's twin sister) died on February 9, 1861

In 1865, the family lives at 226 S Seventh Street.

In 1870, she is living in Ward 4 of St Louis with William, Magdalene, Clementine and Helen. She is listed as having $5,000 in real estate and $400 in personal property. She lives next door to her daughter Ida and Ida's husband Gustav Orth. Orth is listed as a retail grocer.

Catherine Halter Flach was living at 810 6th Street when she died on November 8, 1872. She is buried in Gatewood Gardens Cemetery in St Louis.

Probate for her estate was opened on November 27, 1872. Her probate record is more than 100 pages longs and includes six lots that she owned that bordered Pontiac Street and California Ave. I think it is safe to say that Catherine was a very capable business woman. After the death of her husband, she might have been expected to take in boarders to make ends meet, but there is no evidence that she ever did this. She purchased the property on California Avenue in 1864.

Lots that Catherine Halter Flach owned

Signatures from estate files

• William (1840-1872)
• Adeline E. (1841-1924) marries William Hall Teaby on September 6, 1866 in St Louis. They later move to California.
• Frederick B (1844-1882) marries Sarah Russell on April 27, 1870 in Madison County, Missouri.
• Ida (1846-1936) marries Gustave Orth on November 23, 1865 in St Louis.
• Charles (1848-1855), no additonal information
• Matilda Magdelina (1852-1927) marries James Madison Cummings. No marriage record found, but the couple moved to California.
• Clemetine (1852-1926) Marries Frank R. Meyer on November 21, 1877 in St Louis.
• George (1855-1932) He never marries, He works as a foreman in a lead mill. His sister-in-law, Sarah Russell Flach and her daughter live with with him after her husband, Frederick Flach, died.
• Lenora Helen (1858-1913) twin to Laura, Marries John Louis Botticher
• Laura Flach (1858-1861) twin to Lenora, died on February 9, 1861

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