Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lenora Flach

Could be Ida, Clementine and Lenora Flach

Lenora Flach was born on 5 March 1858 to Frederick Flach and Cattherine Halte in St Louis, Missouri. Both of Lenora's parents are listed as having been born in Germany. She married John Louis Botticher and they had one daughter, Lenora Helen Botticher. Lenora Botticher was born on 29 May 188 in St Louis. John's parents were George H L Botticher and Alvina Koenig.

In 1880, she is living with her sister Ida and her brother-in-law Gustav Orth.

Lenora Helen Flach was a teacher before she married John Botticher.   She taught third grade at Laclede Elementary School from 1880-1885 (maybe longer) (Source: Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Public Schools)
See photo and a bit of school history here

John Botticher was the son of George Louis and Alvina Koenig Botticher. No record of their marriage has been found, but the 1900 census states that they have been married 14 years.  The same census also said that Lenora had two children, but only one was living.

The 1910 census says that they both grew up speaking German at home (listed as Mother tongue).  They live at 3906 Russell Ave.

 Lenora Helen Flach Botticher died on November 1, 1913. She was buried in New St Marcus Cemetery on November 4th.

John is living at 4044A Flad Ave and working as an inspector for the street department.  His daughter is living with him and working as a teacher.

John Louis Botticher died on July 9, 1916.  John Botticher is buried in New St Marcus Cemetery.

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