Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Irwin and Ralph Meyer puzzle*

This photo is labeled Irwin and Ralph Meyer.  Irwin and Ralph were two of Frank Richard Meyer and Clementine Flach's children.

I found a birth certificate for Ralph (Alfred Leon) Meyer with a birth date of May 7, 1888.  The record lists parents as Frank Meyer and Clementine (first name only).  The Saint Louis death records give this information: Ralph Meyer Residence: 2929 Henrietta.  Ralph was buried in Holy Ghost Cemetery, but he was re-interred at St Marcus, a few days after Arthur Bain Meyer died. (1912)  This is confirmed by the St  Marcus Cemetery record which states that his body was removed from Holy Ghost Cemetery and re-interred at Saint Marcus a few days after Authur Bain was buried in 1912.

Irwin's death certificate lists his birth date as May 7, 1888, but I have not found a birth certificate for him.

If they were twins, you would think that both births would have been recorded. Also, if they were twins, I doubt this is Ralph in the photo.  More likely, this is Clementine (1890) or Elmer (1892).


  1. I do not believe there were any twins in the Frank/Clementine clan. I'll look for a pic that I have of daughter Clementine that was taken with one of her brothers. I know there were twins in the family but for the life of me I don't know their names at the moment. Maybe someone else can come up with it. They were (are?) our parents age - actually more my father's age. (born 1930) I know one of them was Donald, maybe the other Ronald?

  2. I don't understand this either. The name on the birth certificate says Alfred Leon and the date matches Irwin's on his draft registration and death certificate.

    Leslie Meyer (son of Frank and Clementine) had twin sons Ronald and Donald who were born in 1930.