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Jackson Glenn and Elizabeth Branstetter

Jackson Glenn (John's 2nd G Grandfather) was born February 7, 1830 in Crawford County, Missouri. He was the son of Hugh Glenn and Elizabeth Fine. Elizabeth Ann Branstetter was born on March 1, 1832 in East Tennessee and was the daughter of Michael Branstetter and Permilia Yoakley. They were married on May 10, 1848 in Crawford County, Missouri. There are eight known children: Permilla (1849-1934) married John Wesley Matlock, Elizabeth (1851-1891) married William Carter, Minerva (1859-1896 ) married James Napoleon Carter, Michael Glenn (1859-) married Mary Atberry, Mary J Glenn (1862-1950) married James Napoleon Carter about 1898, Ollie Agusta Glenn (1866-1937) married Green C Beckham, Robert Jackson Glenn (1868-1963) married Ida Estelle Berryhill, and Ella May Glenn (1873-1937) married Ode Petty.

1850 Federal Census District 24 Crawford, MO
Jackson D Glenn 20
Elizabeth A 17
Permilia 11/12

1 July 1863 Civil Was Draft Registration

1 Jul 1869 Land Purchase

1870 US Federal Census St James, Phelps County, Missouri
Owns land, property value: $1,900, Personal Property: $600
Occupation: Farmer

Jackson Glenn
Elizabeth A Glenn
Michael Glenn
Minerva Glenn
Mary J Glenn
Marry J Glenn
Ollie Glenn
Robt Glenn
Wm C Carter
Elizabeth E Carter
Elizabeth Germs
Mary J Germs

1880 US Federal Census Dawson Township, Phelps, Missouri
Occupation: Farmer

Jackson Glenn
Elizabeth Glenn
Mary J. Glenn
Ollie A. Glenn
Robt. J. Glenn
May Glenn
Elizabeth Glenn
Mary J. Glenn

1900 US Federal Census Sapulpa, Creek Nation, Indian Territory

Jackson D Glenn 70
Elizabeth A Glenn 68
Lilly Isador Carter 12 granddaughter

Sale Notice

Jackson D Glenn died from a train accident on April 10, 1905.

1910 US Federal Census, Mounds, Creek, Oklahoma
Elizabeth Ann is living with her daughter Ella and Ella's husband Ode.

Elizabeth A Glenn 78
Ode Petty 42
Ella Petty 38
Roy Petty 17

Elizabeth Branstetter Glenn was close to her family. She visited them on several occasions and many members of the family came to Oklahoma to visit Elizabeth and the rest of the family too.
Elizabeth holding Ollie Marie Rinehart (L) and Virginia Beckham, Girl, Vivian Beckham, Boy, Delmar Rinehart

Elizabeth with Ollie Marie Rinehart and Olive Onstott

Elcanah Branstetter, Sarina Branstetter, Greene Beckham, Ollie Glenn Beckham, Nany Lorts, Eda Beckham, John Clark, May Clark, HS Pentecost, Henry, Kate

Elizabeth Branstetter Glenn, Elinor Mizzell, Elcanah Branstetter, Katheryn Dawson- Brother & Sisters

Bessie Beckham Rinehart & Delmer,Hazel Beckham Mikkelson, Green Beckham, Ollie Glenn Beckham, Mary Carter, Fred Eckstein, Frieda Beckham Eckstein, Grace Beckham Copeland, Christina Beckham, Elizabeth Branstetter Glenn holding Virginia Beckham & Ollie Marie Rinehart, Roy Beckham & Vivian

Elizabeth Ann Branstetter Glenn died on July 1, 1919 in Mounds, Creek, Oklahoma. She is buried at Twin Mounds Cemetery.

Ollie Glenn Beckham, Bessie Beckham Rinehart

Twin Mounds Cemetery

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