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Irwin and Ralph Meyer puzzle*

This photo is labeled Irwin and Ralph Meyer.  Irwin and Ralph were two of Frank Richard Meyer and Clementine Flach's children.

I found a birth certificate for Ralph (Alfred Leon) Meyer with a birth date of May 7, 1888.  The record lists parents as Frank Meyer and Clementine (first name only).  The Saint Louis death records give this information: Ralph Meyer Residence: 2929 Henrietta.  Ralph was buried in Holy Ghost Cemetery, but he was re-interred at St Marcus, a few days after Arthur Bain Meyer died. (1912)  This is confirmed by the St  Marcus Cemetery record which states that his body was removed from Holy Ghost Cemetery and re-interred at Saint Marcus a few days after Authur Bain was buried in 1912.

Irwin's death certificate lists his birth date as May 7, 1888, but I have not found a birth certificate for him.

If they were twins, you would think that both births would have been recorded. Also, if they were twins, I doubt this is Ralph in the photo.  More likely, this is Clementine (1890) or Elmer (1892).

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Jackson Glenn- Elizabeth Branstetter Anniversary 1903

Family Record

56th Anniversary of Mr and Mrs J D Glenn was Selebrated at Mounds I. T. 1903. Jacon D Glenn was married to Elizabeth A Bransteter May 11th 1848 Their offSpring is as follows
Permilla Glenn was married to J.U. Matlock Sept 12th 1866
Children born 4 boys 7 girls
Grandchildren 22
Elizabeth E Glenn was married to Wm Carter
Children born 4 boys 3 girls
Grandchildren 7
Michael Glenn was married to Emma Attaberry
children born 1 son Grand Children 2

Page 2:
Minerva Glenn was married to Napoleon Carter
Children born 9 boys 2 girls
Mary J Glenn was married to Napolion Carter Sep 24th 1897
Children 1 boy 1 girl
Ollie A Glenn was married to Green C Beckham June 12th 1884
Childron born 2 boys 4 girls
Robert J Glenn was married to Ida E Berryhill Aug 9th 1894
Children 1 boy 2 girls
Ella Glenn was married to J. E. Petty Jan 17th 1892
Children born 1 Son

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mother was Borned
makes her 73

I started to mounds on 7 february 1893
Cum back the 13
(Transcription of letter)

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Grace Ella Beckham

Hazel, Frieda, Grace and Bessie Beckham
Grace Ella Beckham

Grace Ella Beckham was born on January 12, 1902 in Phelps County, Missouri. She was the youngest child of Green Columbus Beckham and Ollie Agusta Glenn. She married Sydney Martin Copeland, son of William T Copeland and Martha Jane Allen, on January 20, 1921. They were marrried by the Reverend Edward M Romine.

Hazel Beckham Mikkelson and Grace Beckham Copeland

They have two children: Ivan (1921) and June (1923).

Dorothy, Bill Eckstein; Ivan & June Copeland; Kenneth & Lauren Beckham

On January 17, 1939, Ivan enlisted in the Navy in St Louis, Missouri. In april of the same year, he married Genieve Hudson.
On October 12, 1942, Sydney enlisted in the Army Air Corps at Jefferson Barracks.

The war years must have been very hard for Grace and June. June married Raymond E Prouhet in 1945.

After the war, they moved to Colorado Springs, but they continued to to stay in touch with their family in Missouri and they visited often.

Sydney died on May 17, 1991 and Grace died on October 6, 1994. They are buried in the St James Cemetery, St James, Phelps County, Missouri.

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Bessie Beckham and George Rinehart

Wedding Photo

George and Bessie were married on July 9, 1909. Children were Delmer Bernd (1911-1982), Ollie Marie (1916-2005), George Milton (1923-2002) and Edna Ella Elizabeth ( 1928-2007).

In 1910, George and Bessie were living in Johnson Township, Maries County, Missouri

Bessie Beckham Rinehart & Delmer, Hazel Mikkelson, Green Beckham, Ollie Glenn Beckham, Mary Carter, Fred Eckstein, Frieda Eckstein, Grace Copeland, Christina Beckham, Elizabeth Glenn holding Virginia Beckham and Ollie Marie Rinehart, Roy Beckham & Vivian

September 12, 1918 WW I Draft Registration

In 1920, George and Bessie were living in Johnson Township, Maries County, Missouri with their son Delmar and their daughter Ollie Marie.
Delmar and Ollie Marie

In 1930, George and Bessie were living in Johnson Township, Maries County, Missouri, with son George and daughters Ollie Marie and Edna. George's father, John Rinehart, was living with them. Delmar is working a farm belonging to Frank and Emily Kastner in Washington, Dallas County, Iowa. 

Clarence Hendrix, John Wright, Tom Branstetter, John Clark Dawson Copeland, Mary Clark, Mary Lutz, Kate Penecost, Bessie Rinehart, George Rinehart, Rosie Wright, John Rinehart, Sophia Branstetter, George Lutz

 Bessie died on August 5, 1935.
Brother Ragsdale at Bessie's funeral

Bessie in buried in Oak Grove Cemetery

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Aunt Hazel's Black Notebook

Hazel Mikkelson's Journals

Grace and Sydney left hear this morning Jan. 1, 1968 for Pueblo, Colorado- 4 below zero. They came here Dec 15th 1967
Sydney had a throat operation Jan. 10th, 1968, then cobalt treatments for six weeks
then on Mar 3rd for colon trouble
Robert and Frieda Scheidt came to my home evening April 17th, we visited in St James + Loyd and Lula April 18.
they left my place morning 8:30 April 19th (rain)
Paul and Sylvia Admas of Stillwater, Oklahoma, sister-Marie Adams of Tulsa, Oklahoma), Mick + Hellan Rasmussen of Oklahoma. Ottie Skouby of Highgate visited me couple of hours April 29th 1968
John Smallwood passed away- May 10th May Smallwood her sister Myrtle and son. Ottie Skouby of Highgate visited me. Frieda + Robert staid all night with me Sept 18-1968
Oct 5-1968 Grace called me and said that they took Sydney back to the hospital, asked if I could come out there, I went Sunday 11:30 AM Oct 6th. I got home from out there Oct 30th I had a good trip out there, no time on my hands and a good stay with them + June, a good trip home

Geo. Harrison Rinehart passed away July 20th 1969. (Sunday evening heart attack) He was 87 yr. past Feb.
Sydney Copeland to St Louis by plane for Clarence Gaile )Angie's husband) funeral July 23rd, Sydney came to St James Sat July 26th visited until the 29th. went home 30th
Cecil + Ollie MArie + I went to St Louis to visit Frieda, in Jewish hospital after- effects (gold shots) I got new glasses Aug 4th 1969 from Dr VE Falkenhain Rolla, Mo.
on Oct. 28th 1969 Robert Scheidt two Opal and Alma + granddaughter Mary brought Frieda and Rober to visit Loyds and me. Frieda + Robert real poorly
Grace came to St Louis by plain Oct 14th 1969 Tue. evening or nite she staid with Angie an daughter that nite. Next nite with Frieda. Came to St James next day by Buss i seen her Fri. Delmar + Myrtle brought her out here Sun. afternoon she visited with me two nites and two days Cecil and Ollie Marie picked her up she went back to Colo. by plain Oct.

I picked 4 gal of blackberries I gave Pete and Clara green beans
April 15th 1970
Pete and Clara sold thear farm to to-- Jack Bartruff of St James, Mo for $65,000 (410 acres). Pete and Clara moved to St James June 27th 1970
May 3rd 1970 Sidney & Grace went to St Louis for Sidney's Sister's Angie Gail funeral next day.
May 5th they stade all nite with Cecil & Ollie Marie. Next day afternoon came out by Loyds visited couple of hours, stade with me that nite, left for Pueblo, Colo 10:30 AM May 8-1970.
Arrived Home 11: AM May 9th 1970.
May Mikkelson went to Memorial Hospital, Rolla, Mo Oct 20th 1970. returned home Nov 5-- light stroke- Ottie Skouby stade with her in her home 5 days Nov, 9th

Dec 17th 1970. I sold big-iron kittel (25) gal $15
small- iron kittel (bean or mush pot) $5
to Everett Phenix (telephone man)
sold long iron-kittel to
Mr. & Mrs. Charly Rose $5
$25 this goes into Oak Grove Cemetery fund

July 5th 1970 Dorothy and Bud Ferguson of Huston Texas brought Dorothy's Mother (Frieda Scheidts) to my place for the day. we vivited Loyds in the afternoon. they returned home that evening.

Loyd J Beckham from Aug 18-1888. age 83. Passed---- away Sept 17th 1976. service Sun. 2-PM for 2 1/2 hours Grace came Sat, nite by plain to St. Louis. then Ed and Bernice Schroder- Junes inlaws brought her out. We stade at Cecil Welch untill Wed, morning, I came home Thurs. afternoon,
Galena Welch, Cecils Mother Funeral SAT. 1:30 Sept 18-1971 (rained each day)

Loyd was took to the hospital at Rolla Jan 17 or 18th

April 9- 1971, Sidney & Grace came to my place from Pueblo, Volorado, staid from Fri. afternoon until Mon. 11:30 then wentbto St Louis.
Grace went to Joans, Tues 10:00 AM by plane returned Fri afternoon to St Louis. they came to Cecils Sun nite. came to my house Mon nite stade until Wed. afternoon, stade Wed nite at Delmers. came here Thurs at noon. Sidney made corn-bread-gravy for us. was Good left my house Fri morning 7:55 for Pueblo, Colo. got Home Sat evening around 6

Harry and Nellie Onstott visited me Nov 29th & 30th- 71.

July 15th Flower Show at St James 4 blue ribbons $8
2 red ribbons $2
Sept 7,8,9 Fall Festival
Dalia blue ribbon 3.00
Others flowers & veg 3.50
Jan 8th 1972 Sebt Grace a box of candy for her birthday 41/2 pounds Postage $1.20
May 8th sent Grace Box of Watkins ointment
April 9th 1972 Sidney & Grace came from Pueblo Colo got here Sun afternoon 3:00. went to ST Louis Tue came back Mon morning. visited in St James an here until Sat morning April 22 stade here Thurs and Fri nites four nites in all.

Sidney had surgery June 28th 1972 growth on right vocal cord. While they were in Missouri Grace went to Ivans in Fla
rain-fall for month, Nov 7 75/100 in
Dec 4 1972 it started sleeting, snowing, later freezing freezing rain on trees, from then on until 20th we had ice on ground or trees until 20th we had ice on ground or trees, somtimes both.

Dec. 20th Ethel Lorts, fell & broke her hip,she was upstairs when she fell.
Dec 26th between 4 & 5 o'clock evening she passed- away sudden, blood clot, funeral Fri 28th 2:PM
Oct 2nd 1972
I bought a lawn-mower from Herrman Lumber in Rolla, Mo pd $66.95
Memorial for May Mikkelson in place of flwers $12.00
Flowers Dorothy Basford, Dad Mr ??? $13.00

Graces birthday candy- postage $1.37 (8 cups sugar)

March 20th 1973
Grace & Sidney Copeland came to see me- they had been to Fort Lauderdale Fla to visit Ivans Crace was (real poorly)they were here two days one nite, spent second nite at Ollie Maries & Cecils went to S Louis Thur morning to visit- Sidneys folks, Grace got awful sick they went home Saturday March 24 Sidney was sick at dinner- air-port (sore throat bad headache).
April 9th 1973 & 10th Snow 4 in sevear cold & high wind
May Mikkelson passed away May 12-1973 she was buried May 15th Tue. age 71 yr.
August Gatver Passed away May 12-1973 he was sick three days- if he had lived until Aug. he would be 90 yr old.
Dorothy & husband Bud Ferguson from Texas & Frieda came to visit me June 5.
Edna, John, Jim, Jennifer Meyer of Nashville Tenn
Cecil & Ollie of St Jamesvisited an had a snack with me June 19th (in afternoon)
June 26th in evening Sidney & Grace came stad all nite with me. Next morning I went with them in to St James for mittens to some papers for teir passport to Souther- land in Ireland. they will be going June and Ray. they left Aug 2nd on thear trip. they got- home (Pueblo, Colo)
Dec 12 1973 retired from Fire-department at Fort Leonard, Wood, Mo (Chas Basford)

Dec 25 1973 Chas Mary David Basford brought me dinner for the day- also enough for next day (my Birthday) white & dark meat of turkey, dressing, sweet potato salad, cranberrie salad, large box cookies
Dec 29th 1973 Edna & part of her family came to Cecil & Ollie Maries about 9:15 they came by St Louis, stade with Rutgs couple of nites. they went home Monday about noon, got home all right was lucky too. snow storm blizzard condition started here Sun morning between 9 & 10 lasted untill noon Monday roads dangerous.
Monday high 9 about zero Tues morning 7 below at Columbia 15 below

Kenneth Beckham July 27th) 44.00
Memorial for BL Mc Intaste
Memorial for Pete Mikkelson 12.00
Oak Grove Cemetery $20
Memorial for Lavern Beckham 5

July 20th 1974 I went with (Austins) Ella Lorts to St James to see or check on Kenneth Beckham at Soldiers- Home Hospital. We also on his Mother Lula. We ate at Elem restaurant hers $1.70 + .45c for milkshake for Kenneth + 4.2.0 I gave her- $4.15.

Sat morning 23rd timperature 26 degrees. around 9 o'clock it started snowing & wind blowing & colder & colder. Sunday morning we had 6 0r 8 in snow some places around above-at Rolla 8 degrees at Columbia zero some places around not to far away 10 below
April 6th 20

Pete Mikkelson Jerds Bro. passed away-
April 8-1974-heart- attack 10:PM at home buried Apr 11th at Oak Grove Apr 12th
he would have 80 years old
Emma Magnusson Straus passed away April 15th 1974 buried Apr 17th at Masonic, St James, Mo
She would have been 84, Sept 6th
May 19 1974 Kenneth Beckham was took to VA-Hospital by amb to Columbia, Mo (cancer-lungs)
Grace and June came from Pueblo + Colo Springs tp Columbia Mo June 10th by co plane, rented car & came to Cecils that nite 9:30. on out here next day June 11th they were in & out here and Cecils until Sunday morning June 16th 9:AM went to St Louis and see Frieda about an hour. seen several of Sidneys folks, went home friday Jun 21st by co plane.
July 10th Kenneth Beckham intered Hospital at Soldiers Home at St James, Mo (emergency) Kenneth passed away July 25th funeral at Soldiers Home cemetery July 27th at Soldiers Home Cemetery July 27th 52 yr (Aug 27- he would be 53)
Lavern Beckham interd Cox-Medical Center at Springfield, Mo in Mar or first part April- 1974
DR said tumor in kidney, had surgery cancer conditions he passed away OCT 6TH 1974 burried Sept 8th at Oak Grove cemetery.

July 14th 1972 Lavern Beckham went back to hospital to hospital at Springfield to be checked he had been home 4 weeks. before that he had cobalt treatments. July 22th he went back to start treatments with (needal like shots are given) for a small spot on each lung. (check back)
Oct 24-1974 Kenneth and Lavern Beckham- Mother Lula took student bleeding from stomach almost bled to death from hospital Oct 31-1974

Sidney & Grace Copeland Oct 1974
Sidney & Grace came out to Mo Oct 11th knowing Sidney had appointment with Dr's at Pinrose Hospital at Colorado Springs for throat surgery. they came Fri afternoon. Sat morning they went on to St Louis, to see sidneys folks. Came to St James Mon afternoon started on home at Pueblo Colo, Thurs or Fri. morning.
Sidney intered Penrose hospital at Colorado Springs Oct 21- had throat surgery Oct 29th I think he got home NOV 9 or 16th.

I stayed (3) three different days late summer or early fall with Eva Bassert- Mother Aunt Stella Kinkade.

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Hazel Beckham- the War Years

Hazel was born during the Spanish- American War.  Soon after she married Jerd, her brother Loyd was drafted for service during WW I. Several members of her family served during WW II. Buell Breuer died when the US Hopson was sunk while participating in a training exercise during the Korean War. (Find-a Grave Link). Link to article about the sinking of the U.S. Hobson. Hazel made a note of this event in her journal. She also experienced the Cold War and the Vietnam War.

On September 6, 1918, Loyd Jackson Beckam was inducted, at Rolla and he reported to Camp McArthur in Texas:CO A 5 BN Recruitment Camp McArthur,TX until 23 SEP 18, then CO F 2ND BN Replacement Training Center Camp McArthur Photo Link, about Camp McArthur, Camp McArthur

 The only surviving letters are from the WW II period, although it seems certain that she would have written to those serving in other wars.

On December 4, 1943, Kenny (Kenneth S Beckham) writes from England, he says that "the farms are smaller and he is glad to be in a place thet speaks English." He also says, "well aunt, you are the only one that don't write and say why don't you write more often."

On November 16, 1944, Johnson Breuer wrote from England to thank Hazel for the fruitcake. He says that he is going to save it for Christmas because he knows that will be good and he would rather have it then.

William Eckstein (Frieda's son) wrote this from Corpus Christi, Texas on Jan 15, 1945: " I thought people would never stop raving over that brown fudge you made. They all wanted to know if my mother made it & what she used. I told them it was from my Aunt who lived in the country & I imagine she had all the eggs & cream & butter to put in it. Well any how.........it's a close race between you and mom & I wouldn't want to be a judge on deciding which is the best. ha ha
Photo credits: box:Jonathan Some rights reserved Photo Link,Fudge:Elana Amsterdam Some rights reserved Photo link, Stove:"Iron stove" by Hardyplants at English Wikipedia - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - Link
In case you have wondered how to make fudge on a wood stove, here is a recipe with illustrations: Boiled Fudge: A Vintage Christmas Tradition

On January 17, 1945, Kenny writes that he is well and hopes," that this thing will be over this year."

Kenny write from "Belgium someplace" on February 21, 1945: "I believe you said that you wanted to know where I was at xmas, well we had a white xmas, it was kina ruged along about then, we had two meals that day, Just luck would have it- one of the boys had got some canned chicken from home and we had it for supper, so I can't kick."

"I guess it won't be very long till you will be going hunting and fishing, and getting you a mess of squirrels. I am going to be so far behind with my fishing and hunting. It will take me 10 years to catch up.

PS cheer mom up as much as you can. I know that I don't have to say it for aunt it is kina hard to write sometimes.

In a letter dated April 13, 1945, Buell Breuer thanks Hazel for the package she sent him He also writes, " Well I suppose spring is in full bloom at home by this time. The trees should be in all leaved out and everyone should be planting corn. By the way, is anybody doing any fishing? I lay around thinking a lot how much I would enjoy laying on a Bourbour bank with a pipe in my mouth and about fine fishing lines strung out in front of me. I would just lay there and watch those corks bob up and down."

From Italy, dated November 22, 1944, Charles Breuer writes: "The night before Thanksgiving and it doesn't seem much like it. Suppose holidays never will until I return to Missouri." He also expresses his concern over Buell being transferred to the Pacific and asks Hazel to write to him about the health of his parents.

"Enclosed is a menu (of their Thanksgiving dinner), which we re very proud of, what do you think of it?"

"Is Jerd hunting quail these days? That is something that I really miss."

A letter from Kenny dated Oct 7, 1945 on which Hazel wrote that this was the last letter she received from him while he was over there. At first, they were told that they were going home soon and there was no way to send mail because they would probably be home before the mail go there. "Next we spent a week in Germany and so far we have spent 3 weeks in Camp St Louis. Not in good old Mo, but in France, so now the boys is betting that we will be in the States by the 23 Oct. I just hope that they are right."

"I suppose it won't be long until Uncle will be butchering. Are youns ready? Oh those good old roasts. I don't believe that I will ever get enough corn bread and beans when I get back. I haven't seen much corn over here just a few little rostnears patches, and just a few of those."