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Frieda Elizabeth Beckham

Hazel, Frieda, Grace and Bessie Beckham
Frieda Elizabeth Beckham was born on February 10, 1898 in Phelps County, Missouri.

Frieda as a young girl

Ollie Glenn, Loyd, Grace, Roy, Bessie, Frieda, Hazel and Green Beckham

The first documentation that Frieda lived in St Louis is from this postcard that was mailed in March 25,1915

Letter to Bessie

 This is page one of a six page letter that Frieda sent to her Mother on November 23, 1915.  Frieda explains that she is dating a married man, who is trying to get a divorce, but he cannot locate his wife.  Frieda pleads with her Mother, not to tell Bessie because she is afraid that Bessie will tell George.

On May 24, 1917, Frieda marries Fred William Eckstein in St Louis, Missouri

They have two children: Dorothy Mae Eckstein born December 19, 1919 and
William Loyd Eckstein born Dec 15,1923.

In 1920, Fred, Frieda and Dorothy are living in a rented house in St Louis City.  Fred is a treasurer for a Structural Company.
1926, they are living in East St Louis and Fred is working as a salesman for Kinder and Kinder

Cousins: Dorothy & Bill Eckstein; Ivan & June Copeland; Kenneth & Laverne Beckham

Ollie Marie Rinehart, Dorothy Eckstein, Ivan Copeland, Grandpa (Green) Beckham, Delmar Rinehart

1928, they are living in the same location and Fred is working in real estate.

In 1930, Fred and Frieda are living in a rented house in Wellsville, Montgomery County, Missouri. Fred is working as a chiropractor, Frieda does not work and Dorothy and William are attending school.

In 1937, Fred and Freida are renting an apartment at 427a Botanical Ave, University City and Fred is working as a chiropractor. Dorothy is attending school and William is working as a clerk and living on Boyle Ave.

In 1940 Fred and Frieda are living with Frank and Dorothy Mee Roback (Frieda's Daughter, Dorothy Mae).  Frank delivers vegetable, Dorothy does not work, Fred works 40 hours a week as a chiropractor and Freida works 50 hours a week as a maid in a private home. William, 16, is a sophomore in high school and does not work.

Visits to St James recorded in Hazel's journals

1968:Robert and Frieda Scheidt came to my home evening April 17th, we visited in St James + Loyd and Lula April 18.
they left my place morning 8:30 April 19th (rain)

1968: Frieda + Robert staid all night with me Sept 18-1968

1969: July: Cecil + Ollie Marie + I (Hazel) went to St Louis to visit Frieda, in Jewish hospital after- effects (gold shots)

1969: Grace visits Freida in St Louis

1969: Oct. 28th Robert Scheidt two daughters, Opal and Alma + granddaughter Mary brought Frieda and Robert to visit Loyd and me. Frieda + Robert real poorly

1973; Dorothy & husband Bud Ferguson from Texas & Frieda came to visit me (Hazel) June 5.

1974: June 10th Grace Beckham Copeland and her daughter June came to Columbia to visit Grace's nephew, Kenneth Beckham in the VA hospital. Then they came to St James and on St Louis to visit Frieda.

Frieda died on April 19, 1980 and is buried in Sardis Cemetery, Jewett, Leon County, Texas.  Her daughter, Dorothy is buried there too.  Link to Frieda's marker
Link to Dorothy's grave marker  
Link to Fred Eckstein's grave marker
Link to Robert Scheidt's grave marker

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Roy Robert Beckham

LR: Loyd, Green holding Roy, Ollie Agusta Glenn and Bessie Beckham

Roy Robert Beckham was born on May 22, 1892 in Dawson Township, Phelps County, Missouri.

Roy as a young boy

Postcard sent to Roy by a young admirer

In 1910, he is working on the family farm and on March 13, 1913, he married Christina Frances Dittmeyer.

WW I Draft Registration June 6, 1917

Roy in his conductor's uniform

 1920 Census: St Louis Ward 28, St Louis (Independent City), Missouri:  There a record for Christina Beckham (23), married, living with daughter, Vivian age 6.  This may be Roy's wife and daughter, no additional records have been found.

Back row: Green and Ollie Glenn Beckham, Front row (L-R) Hazel Beckham Mikkelson, Delmar Rinehart, Vivian Beckham, Grace Beckham Copeland    
At some point, Roy changed his name to Fred C. Harvey.  The reason for this is unknown to us at this time.

1920 Census: Jackson, Boone, Iowa: Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Boarder Possible record as Fred Hardy: no information given for birth or parents or occupation.

1930: Census:  Bloomfield, Polk, Iowa: Roy is listed as Fred C Harvey.  He is married to Ethel and living with Ethel, Ethel's daughter, Lucille E Elwood and her Mother Martha Bingham.  Fred is a conductor for the city railway. 

 December 20, 1937: Christmas card sent to Green in care of Hazel from Ft Des Moines, Iowa, signed Roy.

1940 Census: Fort Des Moines, Polk, Iowa: Roy is living with Ethel and working as a conductor for the streetcar company. More information

June 19, 1942: Roy sends a father's Day card to Green,  return address is Fred C Hardy, Des Moines, Iowa, but the card is signed Roy.

A note about Roy's name change written on an envelope containing some of his letters to the family.

Roy died on October 28, 1950.   Buried with wife, Ethel, in Glen Haven Memorial Park in Sylmar, Los Angeles County, California .  The California death index lists him as Roy L Beckham and his Mother's maiden name as Glenn.  His marker reads Fred C Harvey.  Link

Ethel Hardy continued to correspond with Hazel Beckham Mikkelson.  Ethel Hardy died in 1975.  Link

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Loyd Jackson Beckham

Loyd, Green, Roy, Ollie Glenn and Bessie Beckham

Loyd Jackson Beckham was born on August 18, 1888 in Safe Missouri.

On September 6, 1918 Rolla, Phelps, Missouri ,Induction, CO A 5 BN RCT CAMP MCARTHUR,TX TO 23 SEP 18;CO F 2ND BN REPL TNG CENTER CAMP MCAR

He married Lulu Lorts on September 20, 1920 in Phelps County, Missouri. Lula was the daughter of Jacob Lorts and Nancy Elizabeth Stupp.

I n 1930, they are living in Dawson Township, Phelps County, with their two sons, Kenneth A and Laurence L and Nancy Lorts (Lulu's Mother). Loyd is a farmer and owns his home.

Cousins: Dorothy& Bill Eckstein; Ivan & June Copeland; Kenneth & Laverne Beckham

In 1940, they are living in Dawson Township, Phelps County, with their two sons, Kenneth A and Laurence Lavern.

Loyd and Lula

Loyd Jackson Beckham died on September 17, 1971 and he buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. Lulu died on January 22, 1991 and is buried there too. They share a grave maker.

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Bessie Marcella Beckham, the early years

Hazel, Frieda, Grace and Bessie Beckham
Bessie Marcella Beckham was born on May 20, 1886.  She was the oldest child of Green Beckham and Ollie Glenn..

Loyd, Green,Roy, Ollie and Bessie
This picture would have been made between 1892 and 1898.  Roy was born in 1892 and Frieda was born in 1898.

The 1900 census, lists:
Bessie Beckham
1900 census: The family is living in Dawson Township, Phelps County, Missouri. Green's occupation is listed as farmer. Their farm is owned, free of any mortgages. They are living next to William C Beckham and his wife Margaret “ Mazie” Dillon. William is Green's uncle (William C and Henry Beckham (Green's father) are sons of Hardin Leonard Beckham and Zilph Rose)
Green C Beckham, age 40
Ollie G Beckham, age, 34
Bessie M Beckham, age 14
Loyd J Beckhan, age 10
Roy R Beckham, age 8
Fredie E Beckham, age 3
Hazel E Beckham, age 5/12

On this census, Bessie's occupation is listed as doing house work. If it were not for all the correspondence and photo's that Bessie kept, and were preserved first by her sister Hazel, then later, by Susie Rinehart Welch and Edna Rinehart Meyer, this would be all that we would know about Bessie until her marriage to George Harrison Rinehart.            

Bessie's Bible

 Nellie Skouby Lorts, Bessie and unidentified man

Most of these postcards were sent to Bessie, but there is still of lot information that we can learn about Bessie in these postcards.

Visitation Convent, 1907

Back of postcard dated August 29, 1907

This postcard shows that Bessie spent some time at Visitation Convent in 1907.  Another postcard was sent to her at this same address on September 14, 1906. You can find more information about this school here

Stamps from Sapulpa, IT (Indian Territory)
Bessie saved these stamps in one of her books. Oklahoma became a state on November 16, 1907.

Bessie also spent time in Oklahoma visiting her Grandmother and her extended family in Oklahoma .  Several postcards were addressed to her in Mounds and Sapulpa. 

She also has a postcard that was addressed to her in Royal, Missouri, but the card is not postmarked. I did not know where Royal, Missouri was, but I found it on a map. (It is Northeast of Safe).

Front of Postcard
Postcard from Bessie's Grandmother Elizabeth Branstetter Glenn

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Green Colombus Beckham, first of a series

Green Columbus Beckham was born on November 17, 1859, in Maries County, Missouri, his father, Henry, was 33 and his mother, Edna Vaughn, was 26.

In 1870, Green Beckham was 10 years old and lived in Johnson Township, Maries County, Missouri.

He married Ollie Augusta Glenn on June 9, 1884, in Phelps, Missouri. Elder R. W. Turner presiding.


They had six children in 16 years.

Bessie Marcella Beckham (1886 -1935)
Loyd Jackson Beckham (1888-1971)
Roy Robert Beckham (1892-1950
Frieda Elizabeth Beckham (1898-1980)
Hazel Edna Beckham (1899-1986)
Grace Ella Beckham (1902-1994)

The family was active in church and civic  affairs.  Green Beckham's ledger books show regular donations to the churches at Miles and at Oak Groves.

Green Beckham jury duty Rolla New Era May 16, 1891


They were close to each other and to their extended family.

Receipt for $4.50 to J. D.Glenn for the care of Mary J Glenn

J. D. Glenn is the sister of Mary J. Glenn and the father of Ollie Glenn Beckham.  Since this receipt is signed by the Probate judge, there should be a file on this case in the Phelps County probate records.

Mary J. Glenn moved to Oklahoma with J.D. Glenn and his family.  Mary J. Glenn died on April 15, 1897 and is buried in Twin Mounds Cemetery.

Receipt from Miles Store dated 1909


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A Father's Letter

Frank Richard Meyer

This is a letter written by Frank Richard Meyer (1854-1915) on March 31, 1834 to his children: Ida Estelle, Frank Richard, Arthur Bain, Eugene Flach, Irwin Louis, Clementine E, Ralph, Elmer Ray and Leslie.

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Mother's Day

Edna Ella Elizabeth Rinehart
Birth 29 May 1928 in Safe, Missouri
Death 2 June 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee
Married Harlan Louis Meyer May 3, 1947 in St James, Missouri 

Bessie Beckham

Birth 20 MAY 1886 in Safe, MO
Death 5 AUG 1935 in Maries County, Missouri
Married George Harrison Rinehart on July 10, 1909 in Phelps County, Missouri

Ollie Glenn
Birth 20 Jan 1866 in Missouri
Death 21 APR 1937 in Phelps, Missouri
Married Green Columbus Beckham on June 9, 1884 In Phelps County, Missouri 
Elizabeth Ann Branstetter
Birth 1 Mar 1832 in Tennessee
Death 1 Jul 1919 in Mounds, Creek, Oklahoma
Married Jackson  Glenn on May 10, 1848 in Crawford County, Missouri