Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More Puzzle Pieces

My intent was to make the next post about Frank Richard Meyer's parents, but while I was looking through the records I found some correspondence between Aunt Boo (Ruth Davis Emily Meyer) and F Richard Meyer III. In this letter, Dick thanks Aunt Boo for the the "Tribute to the Memory of Ralph Benton Meyer."  If anyone has a copy, please let me know.

In the rest of the information I have, Ralph is identified as Alfred Leon "Ralph" Meyer. Clearly they are not the same person, so I started doing some additional research. I found a birth record for a Clarence Benton Meyer, born on 27 June 1886 to Frank R and Clementine Meyer in the St Louis birth records.

The St Louis Dispatch has an obituary for him on 8 May 1896 (p.2). The obit lists him as Ralph Benton Meyer, 4th son of Frank and Clementine Flach Meyer, age 10. Residence: 2929 Henrietta Ralph was buried in Holy Ghost Cemetery, but he was re-interred at St Marcus, a few days after Arthur Bain Meyer died. (1912)

So, we have identified an unknown son, but the puzzle of Irwin Louis Meyer and Alfred Leon Meyer remains. The only record of Alfred Leon is the birth record and I have not found a birth record for Irwin.  We also need to review any photographs that are labeled Alfred Leon "Ralph" Meyer.

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