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Grace Ella Beckham

Hazel, Frieda, Grace and Bessie Beckham
Grace Ella Beckham

Grace Ella Beckham was born on January 12, 1902 in Phelps County, Missouri. She was the youngest child of Green Columbus Beckham and Ollie Agusta Glenn. She married Sydney Martin Copeland, son of William T Copeland and Martha Jane Allen, on January 20, 1921. They were marrried by the Reverend Edward M Romine.

Hazel Beckham Mikkelson and Grace Beckham Copeland

They have two children: Ivan (1921) and June (1923).

Dorothy, Bill Eckstein; Ivan & June Copeland; Kenneth & Lauren Beckham

On January 17, 1939, Ivan enlisted in the Navy in St Louis, Missouri. In april of the same year, he married Genieve Hudson.
On October 12, 1942, Sydney enlisted in the Army Air Corps at Jefferson Barracks.

The war years must have been very hard for Grace and June. June married Raymond E Prouhet in 1945.

After the war, they moved to Colorado Springs, but they continued to to stay in touch with their family in Missouri and they visited often.

Sydney died on May 17, 1991 and Grace died on October 6, 1994. They are buried in the St James Cemetery, St James, Phelps County, Missouri.

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