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Green Colombus Beckham, first of a series

Green Columbus Beckham was born on November 17, 1859, in Maries County, Missouri, his father, Henry, was 33 and his mother, Edna Vaughn, was 26.

In 1870, Green Beckham was 10 years old and lived in Johnson Township, Maries County, Missouri.

He married Ollie Augusta Glenn on June 9, 1884, in Phelps, Missouri. Elder R. W. Turner presiding.


They had six children in 16 years.

Bessie Marcella Beckham (1886 -1935)
Loyd Jackson Beckham (1888-1971)
Roy Robert Beckham (1892-1950
Frieda Elizabeth Beckham (1898-1980)
Hazel Edna Beckham (1899-1986)
Grace Ella Beckham (1902-1994)

The family was active in church and civic  affairs.  Green Beckham's ledger books show regular donations to the churches at Miles and at Oak Groves.

Green Beckham jury duty Rolla New Era May 16, 1891


They were close to each other and to their extended family.

Receipt for $4.50 to J. D.Glenn for the care of Mary J Glenn

J. D. Glenn is the sister of Mary J. Glenn and the father of Ollie Glenn Beckham.  Since this receipt is signed by the Probate judge, there should be a file on this case in the Phelps County probate records.

Mary J. Glenn moved to Oklahoma with J.D. Glenn and his family.  Mary J. Glenn died on April 15, 1897 and is buried in Twin Mounds Cemetery.

Receipt from Miles Store dated 1909


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