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Marie Klinger

Marie Klinger was born on January 1, 1836, in Czech Republic, the only child of Jaques and Marie Ann. She married Franz Meyer on April 26, 1853. They were married in St Peter & Paul's Catholic Church by by Father Simon Sigrist.  This church is in the Historic Soulard District. Link to church history
The couple is listed as Francis Myer and Mary Klinker witnesses are Thomas and Barbara Bertscheek. They had three sons that lived to adulthood: Frank Richard, John and Louis.  Very little is known about Francis.  There is a record of their marriage and he is listed as the father on the death certificates of his children. A Missouri death record for a Franz Meyer who was born in Bohemia and died on January 8, 1868 is the one most likely to be his.  It lists the burial place as St Peter & Paul Cemetery, although the cemetery does not have a record. They have not been located on an 1860 census, on the 1870 census Marie is listed as widow, working as a seamstress and living with her three sons at 1023 Soulard.  

Marie married widower John Borovicka on June 28, 1873 and they had two children John and Julia. John Borovicka was a Civil War Veteran having served in the 5th Reg't Infantry, Mo Vols.  He was born in Bohemia and became a US citizen on September 26, 1866. He worked as a mason and received a pension for an injury he received during the war.   John Borovicka died on December 12 1884 and is buried in Zion Lutheran Cemetery.  After John's death, Marie applied for a widow's Pension.

She died on November 15, 1910, in St Louis, Missouri, at the age of 74, and was buried in New St Marcus Cemetery.
 Marie Borovicka's Will
I, Marie Borovicka, of the city of St. Louis, Missouri, being of sound mind, memory and understanding, and realizing the uncertainty of life do make my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit.

First: All debts, funeral and testamentary expenses be paid out of the estate.
Second: The executor is authorized to sell real estate, consisting of house numbered 2414-2416 Elliot, in St. Louis, Missouri, at private or public sale and apply net proceeds to pay following bequests.
Third: One thousand dollars ($1,000) to be given to three sons of first marriage, Frank, John and Lewis; to be divided in equal proportions (said $1,000 being their inheritance from their father.)
Fourth: Remainder of net proceeds to be given and bequeathed to the following legatees in equal parts, namely on-third (1/3) to Anna Steimke (nee Borovicka) for her ownb and absolute use, and in ase of her death before distribution of same, her share shall go to her children; one-third (1/3) to my son Edward H. Borovicka,  and one-third (1/3) to my son Edward Borovicka, in trust for his nieces, Marie Elrick and Virginia Elrick, one-half (1/2) to each to held same until said two nieces respectively attain their majority, the same to be invested to bear interest.
Fifth: I nominate and appoint son Frank Meyer executor of this will.
The foregoing instrument on 6 Nov. 1909 declared by Marie Borovicka to be her last will, witnessed by Julia Mincke, 2927 Henrietta and Anthony Klobasa, 1807 Russell, signed by Marie Borovicka.
Frank Meyer, a son, who resides at St. Louis, MO
John Meyer, a son, who resides at St. Louis, MO
Louis Meyer, a son, who resides at St. Louis, MO
Anna Steimke, stepdaughter, who resides at St. Louis County, MO
Edward H. Borovicka, son, who resides at St. Louis, MO
Marie Elrick, granddaughter, who resides at St. Louis, MO
Virginia Elrick, granddaughter, who resides at St. Louis, MO
Inventoy consisted of real estate in subdivision of Penrose tract in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, block 2364, being the same property acquired by John and Marie Borovicka from William Pohlmann and Minnie (wife) by a deed dated 17 Sept. 1880, recorded in book 641, pg 219 in the office of recorder of deeds for the city of St. Louis. Said lot is improved by a two story brick dwelling.
Personal: cash $57, deposited in bank $239.97, US Pension $36
Sale of Elliot ave. property
Albert Wenzlick real estate co. handled the sale.  Property saod 3 Jne 1911 $2350, less 2%commission $58.75, leaving balance of $2291.25
Funeral expenses: Klobasa Bros. L. & U. Co., dr., Undertakers, 1805-11 Russell, $190

She is buried in New St Marcus Cemetery in St Louis.


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